terça-feira, 15 de dezembro de 2009

artigo na dardo / article in dardo mag

Marilyn A. Zeitlin /// Centaur. Tiago Carneiro da Cunha

Tiago Carneiro

A figure enters a space that holds three pedestals. Its species identity is unambiguous: this is a man. He is wearing clothes – black tee-shirt, black pants. But he assumes the aspect of an ape to an uncanny degree: in his facial mannerisms, with an overshot jaw and peering eyes; the sounds he makes, grunts to roars; his gait, adjusted to the long-armed proportions of an ape by short crutches. The duality of animal and human is unsettling, and that is just the start. He ponders the ceiling. He runs in circles. He explores the pedestals then attacks them, scattering them violently. He runs at the camera. He howls. For 40 minutes, the viewer alternates from being inside to outside, from seeing the man-ape for its otherness to identifying with it. It is never comfortable to watch. (...)


artigo completo so' comprando a revista / for the full article u must buy the mag :(