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Critique: Stars Over Half Moon Bay

by jcr13Thursday, March 20, 2008 [11:10 am]

http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2058/2327194218_83844892d5_m.jpg Shall
I project a world? If not project then at least flash some arrow on the
dome to skitter among constellations and trace out your Dragon, Whale,
Southern Cross. Anything might help.

--Mrs Oedipa Mass from Thomas Pynchon's The Crying of Lot 49

On its face, Rod Humble's latest artgame, Stars Over Half Moon Bay, is a simple game about stargazing. This departs substantially from The Marriage,
which on its face was about nothing at all, save the motions and
transformations of geometric primitives. Of course, with that game, we
had the title to guide us.

In the case of Stars,
neither the title nor the sub-title ("the gentle bite of ouroboros")
helps us drill down past the surface interpretation. We must look to
the artist's background statement to learn that this is a work
concerning "the relationship between observation, symbolism, exactitude
and the creative process."



Arthouse Games

Joshua Smyth's Attack of the Meeplings
is a vertical shooter consisting of three levels, playable using
Java-enabled browser. Hold the Z key to shoot, and press the space key
to use a missile. Autofire can be activated with the A key.


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minhas coisas na arco / my stuff at arco

na verdade eu gosto de feiras / i enjoy art fairs actually

feira de arte de sp / sao paulo art fair

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nova exposicao do liam / liam's new show






Casey Kaplan is pleased to
announce ‘The state itself becomes a super whatnot’, the fifth solo
exhibition at the gallery of artist, Liam Gillick. In a practice that
employs specific materials and multiple modes of production, Gillick
examines how the built world carries traces of social, economic, and
political systems.

Since 2004, Gillick has been presenting lectures, writings and artworks
that relate to a body of work titled “Construcción de Uno (Construction
of One)” – most notably as a central figure in the unitednationplaza
and nightschool projects in Berlin, Mexico City and the New Museum in
New York. Taking the form of a constantly reworked potential text, it
comprises a series of theoretical and fictional narratives that evolve
from Gillick’s research of past and present evaluations of the
aesthetics of social systems by focusing on modes of production rather
than consumption. The framework for the project derives from Brazilian
research into Scandinavian car production. In his notes, a group of
workers return to their abandoned workplace in order to rethink
eco-political exchange and to experiment with alternative production

‘The state itself becomes a super whatnot’, is descriptive of the next
twist in the narrative and designates the gallery space as a site for
the testing of rhetoric and potential exchange simultaneously. In the
exhibition, dual wall progressions, screens, and corrals relate to the
architectural structure of their surroundings and are potentially
regarded as a result of the communal, alternative production models
devised in the scenarios. Each work reflected in another, the Plexiglas
and painted aluminum structures produce competing color schemes:
monochromatic red, evoking many political and cultural symbolisms,
versus their multi-colored opponents. Twin wall texts that announce the
title and its reverse – ‘the whatnot itself becomes a super state’ –
mark the site of the exhibition as an extension of the complex
processes of democratic deferral and infinite sub-contracting that
underscore our current processes of exchange.

Gillick’s work engages with emergent consensus cultures, objects as
context, and time as material. It is within this theoretical framework
that Gillick’s exhibition produces a designated place for critical

Liam Gillick is nominated for
the 2008 Vincent Award at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, and will
create a major new body of work for the forthcoming Guggenheim
exhibition ‘theanyspacewhatever’ in October 2008. In January of 2008, the artist’s retrospective, ‘Three perspectives and a Short Scenario’,
opened at the Witte de With, Rotterdam and the Kunsthalle Zürich,
Zürich; it will continue to the Kunstverein München, München in
September 2008; and is scheduled to open at the Museum of Contemporary
Art Chicago, Chicago in October 2009.

o trabalho novo do nigel cooke / his new work

New Accursed Art Club, 2007
oil on canvas, 220.2 x 370.2 cm

To Work Is To Play, 2008
oil on canvas, 220 x 370.5 cm

Nigel Cooke

Nigel Cooke @ Stuart Shave/Modern Art (25/04 till 25/05)
23/25 Eastcastle Street, London W1W 8DF

KultureFlash Issue no. 241

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pessimas noticias / v bad news

O Dia Online
20/4/2008 10:07:00

Guerra do Alemão tem 233 mortos

Um ano depois da operação com 41 mortos na Penha, conflito recomeça, fazendo aumentar o trauma da perda para famílias

Vânia Cunha

Rio - Os gritos de dor vindos do interior de uma pequena casa próxima à Vila Cruzeiro são aterradores. São de uma mãe que acaba de perder o filho, de 21 anos. O pranto de Neuza Vieira, mãe de Marcelo, abafa os tiros que novamente ecoam na região, no momento em que se completa um ano da maior operação policial já realizada nos complexos de favelas da Penha e do Alemão, com o trágico saldo de 170 baleados e 41 mortos em dois meses de ocupação, a partir de maio de 2007.



slide show:

souvenirs amazonicos / amazonian souvenirs


a venda na / on sale at:

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minhas coisas / my stuff

Página PrincipalÚltimos Eventos

Homing Devices (arte 2007).

artistas participantes: Edouard Duval-Carrié (Haiti), Tiago de Carneiro Cunha, (Brasil), Betasbée Romero (México), Rosangela Rennó (Brasil), Maria Fernanda Cardoso (Colombia), Iran do Espiritu Santo (Brasil), Sofía Táboas (México), Enrique Chagoya (USA), Jorge Macchi (Argentina), Diego de la Cruz (México) - Antuán Lázaga (Puerto Rico)

Curadores: Noel Smith.

Lugar: Contemporary Art Museum, Institute for Research in Art, University of South Florida, Tampa, USA

Fuente: Sandra Ramos, http://www.usfcam.usf.edu/

Tiago de Carneiro Cunha. Petrificado, 2006. Violent Death / Sex Kind of Thing, 2006


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attenborough ataca outra vez / strikes again

aqui tem uma cena impressionante mostrando comunicacao efetiva e pratica entre um humano e um passaro

here's an impressive scene showing efective and practical communication between a human and a bird



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nao percam! / don't miss it!

a memory of angus / uma lembranca do angus

this is a review of a 3 or 4 yr old group show that i had the honour to 'name', because it featured 3 of my former tutors at goldsmiths. one of them, angus fairhurst, died last week which is a friggin shame, to say the least

essa eh uma materia sobre uma coletiva de uns 3 ou 4 anos atras q eu tive a honra de dar o titulo, porque era com 3 dos meus antigos tutores no goldsmiths college. um deles, o angus, morreu semana passada, o q eh uma tremenda lastima, pra dizer o minimo

AUTHOR: Andr do Val (UNV)

Whilst Sao Paulo Fashion Week hasn't started yet,
the local scene had the pleasure of hosting three influential names in
contemporary British art. Angus Fairhurst, Cerith Wyn Evans and Liam
Gillick integrate painting, collage, sculpture and installation. The
exhibition was named by young artist Tiago Carneiro da Cunha the three
artists were his tutors at Goldsmiths College in London. He borrowed
from the world of martial arts the term "Drunkenmasters," a reference
to a type of Kung Fu in which the fighter makes "drunken" movements in
order to confuse the adversary.

In spite of the decadence and glamour implied by the term, here it refers to the zigzag that these
artists have created in the trajectory of their careers, resorting to
practices external to the visual arts (music, literature, film) in
shaping the body of their work. More often seen in biennials than in
the scandalous group shows of New British Art, these three artists
produce high quality art with less sensationalism. Masters of the
intellectual thought behind the noise of their colleagues production,
they differ in a long history of influences and collaborations.


Cerith Wyn Evans worked with the film director Derek Jarman and choreographer
Michael Clark, and participated in films and photos of Sam Taylor-Wood.
Gillick has an established reputation as a writer, developing critical
theories of various other artists, analyzing the ecosystems of art and
publishing fiction.

Has the Film Already Started? by Cerith Wyn Evans, is an enigmatic high-tech installation that paradoxically
suggests a solar eclipse in a placid and natural environment. The
abstract image of a white circle over a black background is projected
onto a suspended helium balloon, also white. A series of codes is in
play here. The projected image is from the film LAnti Concept, a
classic of avant-garde European cinema of the 1950s. Wyn Evans has
replaced the original sound track with his own composition, a kind of
50 minute sound diary that combines Art Blakey, the sound of birds, and
an interview with the Belgian artist Marcel Broodhathers, who in his
installations in the 1960s used the same palm trees that Wyn Evans
inserts into his installation.

Another work by this artist takes place outside the gallery. The verse "Aqui tudo parece que
ainda construo e j runa" ("Here everything seems still under
construction and already in ruins") from the song Fora da Ordem ("Out
of Order") by Caetano Veloso, will be written with fireworks. The
ephemeral event will become a film and also a wooden sculpture, where
the sentence will be legible even after being burned.


For years Fairhurst has collaborated intensely with Damien Hirst and Sarah
Lucas, most recently in the exhibition In-a-Gadda-da-Vidda (In the
Garden of Eden) in the Tate Britain. He also formed a rock band with
Wyn Evans years ago. In Five Billboards, body and text removed,
Fairhurst presents a collage the actual size of a billboard. By
removing determining elements of the original advertising imageshuman
figures and textsFairhurst opens new spaces on the plane, establishing
new relations between consumer culture, geometry, sex, beauty, and
painting. Fairhurst is also showing the sculpture Mnemonic Table, a
wooden table that retains the memory of nature. From the tables
interior, plants sprout.


Liam Gillick is exhibiting a wall painting, a geometric composition of intense colors.
Three sculptures of painted aluminum, suspended in the air, intertwine
words such as Communes, Greenrooms, and Bars, and superimpose
themselves on the painting. Gillicks work attempts to develop insight
into the way in which materials, structures, and color affect the
environment and create associations. These works function as
architectonic and ideological systems, forming scenarios that make vast
use of design to speak in an abstract manner of how forms and colors
can forge a social or political organization, or even an economic

Special thanks to Daniela Del Col - Drunkenmasters
takes place at Galeria Fortes Vilaa , So Paulo Brazil. This exhibition
has received support from the British Council of Brazil.